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Case Number:  BLD2015-00149      Status:   ISS
Application Date: 1/22/2015 12:23:04 PM
Address: 505 BAY SHORE AVE

Type  Requested  Scheduled  Completed  Assigned To  Done By  Disp 
Plans/App. Received      01/22/2015    CJP  DONE 
Verify Contractor License  01/22/2015    01/22/2015    CJP  DONE 
(Add Initial Status Check!)          CJP  DONE 
LUD Approval  01/22/2015    01/22/2015    MST  DONE 
Initial Status Check       01/22/2015    CJP  DONE 
Issue Permit      01/22/2015    CJP  DONE 
Telephone Call      01/23/2015  JD  FAIL 
Call was made to the contractor, Christor Knowles 366-8980: Review of issues of the permit, to insure all work has or will been included in the permit.  

Title Id Tag Status

Item  Fee Amount  Fee Remaining 
Permit Fee  55.00  0.00 
COMPUTER/FAX FEE  1.00  0.00 


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